Tarmac Driveways Bournemouth

Tarmac Driveways Bournemouth

Tips to Renovate and Maintain Your Tarmac Driveway

Tarmac based driveways are usually very tough made paths and can generally be seen in North America and most regions of Europe including the UK. People have got this done as it has always been considered as the practical and low-cost surface in comparison to other surfacing materials. But as it is done outside the house, it starts losing its strength due to use of vehicles, weather conditions and normal wear and tear.

Tarmac Driveways

Ideally, tarmac driveways don’t reach the stage of deterioration in a couple of years. However, if yours has reached to that stage, you need not worry as tarmac resurfacing is not a big deal, all you need to do is a little hard work and you can renovate your tarmac driveway back to the condition it was when you made it.

Before you start any repair work or apply any repairing material to restore your driveway, you would need to clean it first. You should clean it completely, cut up the entire weed grown, and remove small loose pieces if you find any oil stains, they should be removed using oil remover suitable to the tarmac, then clean it with water and let it dry.

Once you find the driveway is dry completely, you can start with applying tarmac restorer to the main areas with a roller kit and with a paint brush to the borders. Make sure you apply the restorer in the temperature above 10 degrees and do not apply if you are expecting rain; at least these conditions are required so that the restorer would dry properly.

If your driveway is touching the fence of your neighbors, or near to flowers or lawn, you should mask these areas with paper or tape in order to prevent overspill. It is advised to use a heavy duty industrial roller kit with a long enough handle otherwise you may not be satisfied with the results, once you’re done.

Normally, two coats of the material would be enough to be applied to get a high- quality surface finish (do not forget to check recommendations for coverage ratios from the manufacturers). Most products recommend keeping the vehicles away for at least 24 hours, but normally it takes 4-5 hours to be walkable.

Once your one day project of tarmac resurfacing is complete, it would be easier to maintain it in future as your driveway is ready for all weather conditions for a few coming years and has been returned to good condition. You can now keep it cleaned with a gentle sweep off and wash it with a hose pipe throwing water at a genital pace.

When you look after and take care of your tarmac driveway, not only it protects your investment, keeps it clean and makes it look good, but also it would keep you free from any need for a complete replacement for a quite long period of time.

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